An Interface for the Sharing and Discussion of Media in Terms of Events

Anthony Jameson, DFKI, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

It often makes sense to organize media related to cultural heritage (and other topics) in terms of geographic location, using an interactive geographic map. But what if we want to organize the media in terms of a set of interrelated events (for example, when the media concern a political campaign, a war, …)? The simple solution – an interactive timeline – cannot capture many of the interesting relationships among events.

In this talk, we will demonstrate and discuss a new web-based interface that represents a hierarchy of interrelated events with their associated media and user comments. People can use this interface to organize, exchange, and discuss event-related media. It is being used as the main interface for nonprofessional users within the European Integrating Project Glocal.

The Museum as an Arena for Multidisciplinary research: The PIL Museum Visitors’ Guide Project

Tsvi Kuflik, Information Systems Department, University of Haifa, Israel

In recent years there has been considerable research focusing on intelligent museum visitor’s guides. The research mainly focused on supporting the individual visitor by providing personalized information in a context aware manner. This research mainly exploited the use of novel technological developments for better supporting individual museum visitors. This included: multimedia as a presentation tool, novel positioning technologies (such as infra red, RFID, WiFi, and more), presentation technologies/devices and more. However, people tend to visit museums in groups – organized tours, small groups of friends, families etc. It seems that the time is right to move now towards supporting groups of visitors in the museum. In the framework of the “PIL” project (PEACH-Israel, Italian-Israeli collaboration), a museum visitors’ guide system is developed. As part of the research, a methodology for multimedia presentations preparation has been developed, the idea of user modeling mediation was defined and one of its techniques was applied for bootstrapping an on-site user model for the visitor, and a system was designed to enhance interaction among museum visitors (and thus enhance learning) by providing inter-group context aware communication mechanisms. In addition to supporting individuals, the system supports the whole group by providing time-trigger based recommendations for exhibits and presentations as the visit time is exhausted.

The talk will present the research involved with the mobile museum visitor’s guide developed within the PIL project and focus on the demonstration of the context aware interaction mechanism and on the demonstration of the group support as examples for context aware services in active museum. Furthermore, it will present recent research direction regarding the application of social signal processing for group modeling and the application of interrupt management in the museum visit scenario.

Europeana Strategy: the need for open data and the politics of persuasion

Jill Cousins, Executive Director Europeana Foundation & Director of The European Library at National Library of the Netherlands, the prototype was launched to great fanfare by the European Commissioner last November. The interest was so large that the site collapsed under the traffic it generated. December 2008 saw a re-launch of the prototype and continued interest in the site. Due to the need to keep the prototype running as a live site some further adjustments were made in March and new content has been ingested. This talk will concentrate on the next phase for Europeana and what needs to happen to turn it into an operational service. Two new projects Europeana v1.0 and EuropeanaConnect, launched in February and May 2009 address many of the legal, financial and technical issues that will lead to the full service being available in 2010. How these and other projects lead to the future Europeana and what else is needed will be discussed. A demo of the site will be given.


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